Jim Madsen, CEO

Four Sphere Technologies LP

About Us

Four Sphere Technologies LP uses its proprietary technology to eliminate harmful emissions from oil and gas production and water storage facilities.  Such emissions are harmful to human health and the environment and include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene.  These emissions are generated from oil and gas drilling, production and well fracking operations. Four Sphere captures emissions- causing compounds and converts them to high value liquids. Four Sphere’s services are cost effective and sustainable.  There is no flaring, venting or landfilling required to achieve a safe, emissions-free operation.

Implementing Four Sphere’s technology has the following benefits to clients:

  • Eliminate harmful VOC emissions by safely treating and recycling production water for fracking operations
  • Enable safe, environmentally sound and regulatory compliant operations
  • Reduce fresh water usage and GHGs due to trucking in fracking operations
  • Reduce heat loss from water C rings and storage ponds
  • Cost effective Emissions control services

History and experience

  • Tourmaline – Water Treatment Decontamination Project
  • Conducting a clean technology research and product development project under a NRC IRAP grant, 2023
  • Conducting a C ring cover and emissions control pilot, 2023

What We Offer

Four Sphere’s emissions control services include:

  • Mobile and stationary production water decontamination and emissions capture equipment
  • Production water C Ring and storage pond covers and associated emissions capture systems
  • Production and storage tanks emissions capture equipment
  • VOC emissions surveys, studies and engineering