Landsong Heritage Consulting

About Us

Established in 1998 and based at Moberly Lake, British Columbia (BC), Landsong provides heritage resource management services in both BC and Alberta (AB). We conduct archaeological assessments to meet provincial and federal regulatory requirements and we work with Indigenous communities, facilitating and assisting with data collection for community-led traditional land use assessments. In 2022, Landsong was purchased by Dunne-za Ventures Limited Partnership (LP). Dunne-za Ventures LP is a partnership between Dunne-za Economic Development Corporation (the general partner) and West Moberly First Nations (the limited partner). Both Dunne-za Economic Development Corporation and Dunne-za Ventures LP are wholly owned by West Moberly First Nations.

We value integrity, transparency and hard work in all aspects of our operations. We embrace our social responsibilities and the safety and well-being of our workers. Landsong trains staff to maintain the highest level of professional competency and to understand the importance of attention to detail and accuracy.

History and experience

NorthRiver Northeast BC Connector Project – NorthRiver Midstream: The NorthRiver NEBC Connector are two parallel ~220 km pipelines to transport Condensate (C5+) and Natural Gas Liquids (C3+) from NorthRiver Midstream Inc.’s Highway Liquids Hub, which is northwest of Wonowon, BC, to the Gordondale area of Alberta. Landsong holds the relevant HCA permit and conducted AIA fieldwork throughout the project.

Coastal GasLink Pipeline (CGL) – TC Energy: Coastal GasLink is a 667 km natural gas pipeline from approximately Dawson Creek to Kitimat, British Columbia. Landsong worked alongside other archaeology consulting firms during AIA fieldwork throughout the project and provided strategic regulatory advice, enhanced planning, quality report reviews and oversight of CGL’s Heritage Resource Program to progress critical permitting activities required for construction.

NOVA Gas North Montney Mainline – TC Energy: North Montney is a 204 km natural gas pipeline composed of the Aitken Creek section (181 km), and the Kahta section (23 km). Landsong held the relevant HCA permits, conducted fieldwork and regulatory engagement though all phases of the project.

What We Offer

  • Archaeology
    • BC Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIAs) – including winter assessments
    • BC Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFRs)
    • Archaeological Site Excavations
    • Archaeological Construction Monitoring
    • Post Impact Assessments
    • Regulatory support including Oil and Gas Commission Applications, Archaeology Information Forms, and HCA permitting
    • BC Archaeology Desktop Studies & Archaeology Overview Assessments (AOAs)
    • Remote Access to Archaeological Data (RAAD) Searches
    • Laboratory Analysis and Artifact Photography
  • Indigenous Land Use, Environmental Support & Research
    • Facilitation of Field Data Collection to support community-led Traditional Land Use and Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Studies
    • Historic, ethnographic, and archival research
    • Facilitation of Indigenous community involvement in industry project planning
    • Customized studies with Indigenous communities including caribou monitoring and reclamation projects
    • Heritage Resource Training Programs (for all ages)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    • Archaeological predictive modelling
    • Thematic Mapping
    • Spatial Analysis