Surerus Murphy Joint Venture

About Us

West Moberly First Nation (“West Moberly”) and Surerus Murphy Joint Venture (“SMJV”) are pleased to announce a joint working relationship to perform construction and installation activities of energy infrastructure projects within Canada’s Treaty 8 region. The two parties are committed to using their collaborative relationship to work in support of each other as it relates to facility construction projects which may include: ground installations, compressor and pumping stations, as well as pressure reduction stations. 

 We are excited to leverage the combined expertise and experience of both organizations to help address the energy infrastructure needs of rural Canadians.

History and experience

SMJV was founded in 2014 to provide innovative, high-quality solutions to some of the most challenging construction projects in the oil and gas sector. SMJV is a multi-discipline infrastructure, construction, and delivery organization rich in family values and rooted in decades of complex and specialized technical experience. Lead by the core values of Never Harm, Trust, Integrity, and Assured Delivery, SMJV is one team brought together by two companies – Surerus Pipeline Inc. and J. Murphy & Sons Limited.

 The West Moberly First Nation is located on Moberly Lake in the beautiful Peace River Country. With its abundance of natural resources and commercial opportunities, the Nation has formed strong and strategic alliances with partner organizations with the goal of building capacity and bring benefits to the community.  

As two values-driven organizations with shared commitments toward collaboration and responsible development, West Moberly and SMJV formed its own strategic alliance in 2022. Together, the two organizations plan to bring low-carbon energy and infrastructure construction projects to the region.

What We Offer

  • Ground Installations
  • Compressor and Pumping Stations
  • Pressure Reduction Stations
  • Facility Construction Projects