Swamp Donkey Oilfield Services Inc


About Us

At Swamp Donkey it is our goal to be the first choice for trucking, logistics, and water management services in Northeast BC. Over the year’s we have built a strong reputation as a safe, reliable, fast, and efficient service provide in Peace Country. Rest assured, our entire staff are dedicated to creating successful outcomes and we are looking forward to working on your next project.

History and experience

At Swamp Donkey, we pride ourselves on being a local company that has contributed to the prosperity of Peace Country for many years. Our strength comes from our home grown roots based out of Dawson Creek, BC, where contributing to both local and Indigenous communities has always been the way Swamp Donkey does business.

To be sure, every dollar spent on our services is money that is kept in in the local Peace Country economy. For organizations that are looking to procure local, while supporting our partner West Moberly First Nation, we provide a strong social value proposition for your project.

During our time in business, we have worked for nearly every energy and resource developer operating in Northwest BC. As a result, we have been able to support jobs, dozens of local charities, Indigenous community investments, and environmental causes. Today, if your development is looking for a great local service provide that gives back to the communities we live and operate in, Swamp Donkey is your first and only choice.

What We Offer

  • Access mat management, laydown, hauling, handling and wash plant
  • Industrial Water Management – Sourcing, Delivery, Re-use
  • Potable water delivery
  • Water/Fluid storage (C-Rings and Tanks)
  • Water pumping, Filtering, Trucking and Re-Cycle
  • Water Treatment – Efficient and Cost Effective Removal of S04 from Water Sources
  • Sourcing, Delivery & Install of Gravel and Shale
  • Turn Key Pricing on Civil (Dirt) Construction
  • Dirt/Civil work for remediation/reclamation orphan/abandoned well sites pipeline reclamation
  • Erosion control
  • Dirty dirt licenced for hauling and disposal
  • Road maintenance (Grading and Dust control)
  • Vacuum (daylighting, combo, straight vac) and Fluid Trucking
  • Steam Trucking for Equipment & Rig Washing
  • Portable wash unit and enviro wash stations
  • Pipeline Filling and Pressure Testing
  • Skilled Labour Crews
  • Fencing Crews