WM-S2F Global Resource Inc.


About Us

S2F is a commissioning and start up company focused on quality and client satisfaction. More specifically S2F specializes in operations and maintenance services as well as commissioning consulting services. Their team is dedicated to ensure the projects they are involved with are successful, meet in service dates, achieve product quality and expected quantities.

Working with customers such as Pembina, North River, Canadian Natural, Enbridge, Brookfield, TransGas, and Chevron to name a few, S2F has domestic and international experience with all kinds of processes, equipment, companies, and vendors.

History and experience

S2F is active and offer their clients current field experience and lessons learned from past projects so you do not have to experience common issues encountered with other start ups. S2F offer a wide range of services including:

  • Sour gas plants and amine trains,
  • sub-dewpoint/shallow cut hydrocarbon extraction facilities,
  • sulphur plants,
  • cryogenic deep cut facilities,
  • distillation,
  • oil separation and desalination/dehydration,
  • gas compression,
  • power generation,
  • water treatment and water injection,
  • steam generation,
  • pump stations,
  • pipeline valve sites,
  • shipping terminals,
  • truck loading,
  • rail loading and offloading,
  • plc migrations,
  • factory acceptance tests on valves, equipment, pre-constructed modular process skids and electrical buildings,
  • commission Greenfield, new construction and brownfield and expansions to existing facilities.
  • facilities after commissioning and start up.

S2F believe that their people, work ethic, attention to detail and experience are their greatest asset.

What We Offer

  • Calibration and loop testing of field installed devices
  • Process control philosophy troubleshooting and tuning
  • Switchgear and motor control centers commissioning
  • Variable frequency drive commissioning
  • Rotating equipment, conveyor belt commissioning and function tests
  • Vendor coordination and management
  • First fill planning, procurements and execution
  • Process system cleaning planning and execution
  • Facility start up and and wet commissioning verifications
  • Process control loop troubleshooting and tuning
  • Construction QA/QC
  • Vessel inspections
  • Modular build inspections
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Start up and operational support
  • Contract operation and maintenance
  • Turnaround planning and execution
  • Project management and construction supervision
  • Safety system function checks and verifications